McDonalds Monopoly Canada 2015 - List of Rare Game Pieces
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The 2015 game is now over. For the 2016 game, click here.

McDonald’s Monopoly is back in Canada and here’s a list of rare game pieces for the 2015 Canadian Monopoly game. Make sure to bookmark this page and constantly check the list when you’re at McDonald’s.

With this years special Canadian Edition of the game, Boardwalk is no longer the sought after piece. Also, there’s no longer a $1-Million prize. However, your chances of winning are significantly higher.

Previously, your chances at collecting a $1-Million Boardwalk piece was 1 in 651,841,628. To put that in prospective, the chances of landing the winning Lotto Max numbers are 1 in 28,633,528 – so you had a better chancing hitting the Lotto Max jackpot than collecting the $1-Million Boardwalk piece.

With the new format, your chances of getting a $10,000 winning piece is 1 in 7,453,736. The best odds are for a $100 cheque which is 1 in 37,269.

Prize: One Hundred Dollar ($100) Cheque
# Of Prizes Available: 2,000
Rare Piece: Rideau Canal (#601)
Odds of collecting Rideau Canal: 1 in 37,269
Game Pieces Required: Rideau Canal (#601) and Parliament Hill (#602)

Prize: Family Fishing Equipment Package
# Of Prizes Available: 10
Rare Piece: Mackenzie River (#604)
Odds of collecting Mackenzie River: 1 in 7,453,736
Game Pieces Required: Lake Louise (#603), Mackenzie River (#604) and Lake Athabasca (#605)

Prize: EA SPORTS Soccer Trip for two plus an Xbox One console and FIFA 16 game
# Of Prizes Available: 12
Rare Piece: Percé Rock (#606)
Odds of collecting Percé Rock: 1 in 6,211,427
Game Pieces Required: Percé Rock (#606), Miles Canyon (#607) and Columbia Icefield (#608)

Prize: Five Thousand Dollar ($5,000) Walmart Gift Card
# Of Prizes Available: 1
Rare Piece: Tunnels of Moose Jaw (#611)
Odds of collecting Tunnels of Moose Jaw: 1 in 74,537,355
Game Pieces Required: Signal Hill (#609), Peggys Cove (#610) and Tunnels of Moose Jaw (#611)

Prize: Five Thousand Dollar ($5,000) Vanilla Prepaid Card
# Of Prizes Available: 4
Rare Piece: Confederation Bridge (#612)
Odds of collecting Confederation Bridge: 1 in 18,634,339
Game Pieces Required: Confederation Bridge (#612), Baffin Island (#613) and Bay of Fundy (#614)

Prize: Polaris Snowmobile, a helmet (up to $150) and, where/if applicable, a pair of goggles (up to $90)
# Of Prizes Available: 10
Rare Piece: Whistler (#617)
Odds of collecting Whistler: 1 in 7,453,736
Game Pieces Required: Algonquin Provincial Park (#615), Wapusk National Park (#616), and Whistler (#617)

Prize: 2015 Jeep Renegade Sport Vehicle
# Of Prizes Available: 10
Rare Piece: Yonge Street (#620)
Odds of collecting Yonge Street: 1 in 7,453,736
Game Pieces Required: Robson Street (#618), Sainte-Catherine Street (#619) and Yonge Street (#620)

Prize: Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000)
# Of Prizes Available: 10
Rare Piece: Fairmont Le Château Frontenac (#621)
Odds of collecting Fairmont Le Château Frontenac: 1 in 7,453,736
Game Pieces Required: Fairmont Le Château Frontenac (#621) and Niagara Falls (#622)

Prize: Travel Nation Canada “Great Canadian Adventure” Trip using a Travel Nation Canada $5,000 “travel voucher” plus spending money
# Of Prizes Available: 20
Rare Piece: Vancouver Airport (#626)
Odds of collecting Vancouver Airport: 1 in 3,726,868
Game Pieces Required: Montréal Airport (#623), Toronto Airport (#624), Halifax Airport (#625) and Vancouver Airport (#626)

You can download your game board here. Good luck Canada!