All-In-One Personal Identification Cards Coming to Manitoba

All-in-one Personal Identification Cards (PICs) are coming to Manitoba!

“Response from the public was overwhelmingly positive,” Health Minister Sharon Blady said. “Not only do Manitobans embrace the convenience of carrying just one durable and tamper-proof card to access health care and other services, they also strongly believe the PIC will better protect against identify theft, forgery and fraud.”

Personal Identification Cards will integrate a person’s health identification number (PHIN) onto the back of driver’s licences and photo identification cards. It will be authenticated using industry-proven policies, procedures and practices currently in place at Manitoba Public Insurance.

Benefits of a PIC include:

  • the convenience of a durable, all-in-one card
  • advanced technology to better protect cardholders against identity theft, forgery and fraud
  • ensures private information stays confidential
  • improves access to photo identification for low-income and homeless Manitobans
  • helps deliver the right services to the right person through easy photo identification of cardholder

They are expected to be issued starting as soon as the fall of 2017.