The Forks Red River Mutual Trail is Now 3 Kilometres Long
Image The Forks – Uploaded by Photos by Danny B.

An extension has opened up on The Forks River Trail that now makes it 3 kilometres long!

The extension runs from Queen Elizabeth Way to Churchill Park. They’re hoping to extended it to St. Vital Bridge before the end of winter.

A second skating rink was also completed this past weekend.

Red River Mutual Trail Tips:

  1. Be sure to enter and exit the trail from the designated access points. The riverbank is unstable along certain sections and may not be safe to use.
  2. Find out what trail conditions are like by checking this website. It will be updated daily with grooming reports, closures, and trail conditions.
  3. Check the wind direction. You may not feel the wind if it’s at your back, but it may be an issue when skating in to it.
  4. Know your limits. 5 kilometres is nice trek, but remember it’s also 5 kilometres back.
  5. Slow down when approaching the bridges. Sand from the streets above can sometimes fall onto the trail making it uneven.
  6. Remember the river is a moving organic entity. Surface cracks can appear anywhere along the trail. Be vigilant.
  7. On snowfall days please stay off the trail until we can clear it. Packed snow is very hard to remove.
  8. Watch out for flooding machines, tractors and Zambonis.
  9. Respect private property and stay away from outfalls and thin ice signs.
  10. If you have garbage, keep it with you and dispose of it properly.
  11. Furry friends are welcome, but please keep them on-leash and ensure you clean up after them.

For a list of events on the trail, visit