NewLeaf Travel Airline Back on Track

The NewLeaf Travel Company will once again begin booking cheap flights between Halifax, Hamilton, Saskatoon, Kelowna, Regina, Winnipeg and Abbotsford.

The company was originally supposed to take flight on February 12, however issues on licensing forced them to postpone the launch.

NewLeaf does not have a licence. However, the Canadian Transportation Agency ruled that the Winnipeg-based start-up does not need a licence because it is considered a reseller and not a carrier. NewLeaf will not operate any planes. It will market and sell air services to the public.

The company’s partner, Flair Airlines, is fully licence and will operate all aircraft.

Introductory rates will start as low as $99 for Winnipeggers with all fees and taxes included. The website says: “Your fare gets you the two essentials: a seat and a seatbelt. The rest is up to you.” Ultra low cost means you pay extra for printing a boarding pass, carry-on luggage or drinks.