41st General Election Results: PC Majority Government in Manitoba

There is a PC majority government in Manitoba. Brian Pallister is the next Premier.

After a almost 17-year New Democratic Party government rule, the PCs will win 40 seats, making it the largest majority in the province’s history. Greg Selinger also offered his resignation as the leader of the NDP party in Manitoba.

Results by Party:

  • Progressive Conservative
    Brian Pallister
    40 Seats
  • New Democratic
    Greg Selinger
    14 Seats
  • Liberal
    Rana Bokhari
    3 Seats

Full Results:

  • Agassiz
    PC Eileen Clarke
    Won by 4,316 votes
  • Arthur-Virden
    PC Doyle Piwniuk
    Won by 5,173 votes
  • Assiniboia
    PC Steven Fletcher
    Won by 1,257 votes
  • Brandon East
    PC Len J. IsLeifson
    Won by 1,138 votes
  • Brandon West
    PC Reg Helwer
    Won by 3,728 votes
  • Burrows
    LIB Cindy Lamoureux
    Won by 846 votes
  • Charleswood
    PC Myrna Driedger
    Won by 4,107 votes
  • Concordia
    NDP Matt Wiebe
    Won by 280 votes
  • Dauphin
    PC Brad Michaleski
    Won by 2,679 votes
  • Dawson Trail
    PC Bob Lagassé
    Won by 2,750 votes
  • Elmwood
    NDP Jim Maloway
    Won by 52 votes
  • Emerson
    PC Cliff Graydon
    Won by 3,523 votes
  • Flin Flon
    NDP Tom Lindsey
    Won by 112 votes
  • Fort Garry-Riverview
    NDP James Allum
    Won by 298 votes
  • Fort Richmond
    PC Sarah Guillemard
    Won by 605 votes
  • Fort Rouge
    NDP Wab Kinew
    Won by 626 votes
  • Fort Whyte
    PC Brian Pallister
    Won by 5,062 votes
  • Gimli
    PC Jeff Wharton
    Won by 3,061 votes
  • Interlake
    PC Derek Johnson
    Won by 1,638 votes
  • Kewatinook
    LIB Judy Klassen
    Won by 300 votes
  • Kildonan
    PC Nic Curry
    Won by 672 votes
  • Kirkfield Park
    PC Scott Fielding
    Won by 2,371 votes
  • La Verendrye
    PC Dennis Smook
    Won by 4,530 votes
  • Lac du Bonnet
    PC Wayne Ewasko
    Won by 4,010 votes
  • Lakeside
    PC Ralph Eichler
    Won by 4,731 votes
  • Logan
    NDP Flor Marcelino
    Won by 476 votes
  • Midland
    PC Blaine Pedersen
    Won by 5,308 votes
  • Minto
    NDP Andrew Swan
    Won by 1,913 votes
  • Morden-Winkler
    PC Cameron Friesen
    Won by 6,020 votes
  • Morris
    PC Shannon Martin
    Won by 5,561 votes
  • Point Douglas
    NDP Kevin Chief
    Won by 1,937 votes
  • Portage la Prairie
    PC Ian Wishart
    Won by 3,383 votes
  • Radisson
    PC James Teitsma
    Won by 1,683 votes
  • Riding Mountain
    PC Greg Nesbitt
    Won by 4,286 votes
  • Riel
    PC Rochelle Squires
    Won by 2,049 votes
  • River East
    PC Cathy Cox
    Won by 3,708 votes
  • River Heights
    LIB Jon Gerrard
    Won by 1,753 votes
  • Rossmere
    PC Andrew Micklefield
    Won by 1,910 votes
  • Seine River
    PC Janice Morley-Lecomte
    Won by 3,005 votes
  • Selkirk
    PC Alan Lagimodiere
    Won by 2,363 votes
  • Southdale
    PC Andrew Smith
    Won by 4,194 votes
  • Spruce Woods
    PC Cliff Cullen
    Won by 4,445 votes
  • St. Boniface
    NDP Greg Selinger
    Won by 1,407 votes
  • St. James
    PC Scott Johnston
    Won by 747 votes
  • St. Johns
    NDP Nahanni Fontaine
    Won by 485 votes
  • St. Norbert
    PC Jon Reyes
    Won by 1,619 votes
  • St. Paul
    PC Ron Schuler
    Won by 5,329 votes
  • St. Vital
    PC Colleen Mayer
    Won by 394 votes
  • Steinbach
    PC Kelvin Goertzen
    Won by 6,521 votes
  • Swan River
    PC Rick Wowchuk
    Won by 1,673 votes
  • The Maples
    NDP Mohinder Saran
    Won by 117 votes
  • The Pas
    NDP Amanda Lathlin
    Won by 185 votes
  • Thompson
    PC Kelly Bindle
    Won by 210 votes
  • Transcona
    PC Blair Yakimoski
    Won by 1,671 votes
  • Tuxedo
    PC Heather Stefanson
    Won by 3,406 votes
  • Tyndall Park
    NDP Ted Marcelino
    Won by 483 votes
  • Wolseley
    NDP Rob Altemeyer
    Won by 384 votes