Goodbye Kobe Bryant

Tonight the story of number 24, Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers, will come to an end. He will suit up in his purple and gold armour for one last time in front of a sold out Staples Center. Many will be in attendance and many from around the world will be glued to their TV sets to witness the legendary Black Mamba hit the hardwood one last time.

With a career that has been filled with so many highlights and accolades, Kobe will be hanging up his jersey after 20 fruitful years playing professionally. We have seen him grow from a youngster straight from high school into the elite player he has become today. And while shining under a spot light as big as Los Angeles, we grew up with him.

As the careers of younger athletes in the league begin to rise, Kobe’s career reaches its pinnacle. Father Time remains the only undefeated player in the NBA. And as with the greats before him, we must come to accept his departure.

Kobe gave basketball fans many memorable moments. But to those who weren’t fans of basketball, he demonstrated his desire to compete and win. Talent alone didn’t get him to where he is. He did it with hard work and the drive for greatness. The Mamba mentality.

The era that is Kobe Bryant comes to an end tonight. Tonight we get the opportunity to join in the chanter that will echo across the world one last time. “KOBE KOBE KOBE”

Thank you and goodbye Black Mamba.

This has been a guest editorial by a Winnipeg Kobe Fan