GoodLife Fitness Center Coming to Brandon
Image by richardgiles

Safeway closed their store in Brandon Shoppers Mall on 18th Street in 2014 and it has remained empty since then. Well, no more. It has been announced this week that Brandon, Manitoba will get the first Goodlife Fitness in the city. It will be eighth and largest location of the national fitness club in Manitoba.

The closure by Sobey’s, Safeway and Target has had many landlords scrambling across western Canada to find new tenants. Not all have found ready parties interested in jumping in right away.

For Brandon people, this will be a good opportunity to be part of a gym with national reach. No more drop in fees while in Winnipeg or elsewhere as it will be an extensions of their home location. The national TV ads by Goodlife should already give people in the area brand awareness of the gym. if not is amenities.

As for Goodlife, Brandon will be an excellent location in that the city a growing community, the second largest city in the province and a regional hub. Brandon Shoppers Mall is akin to Polo Park in terms of importance in the city. The new Goodlife will employ around 40 people and open in 2017.

This has been a guest editorial by John Dobbin.
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