The Canadian Brewhouse on Kenaston Now Open

There have been quite a few restaurants in the Linden Ridge Mall over the year. Wow Hospitality has tried everything from Italian to Mexican over many years but nothing has stuck. Meanwhile Asoyama across the lot from the location seems to have staying power.

Given the growing population of south Winnipeg and the huge boom around IKEA, it seems a natural that a number of restaurants would congregate in the area. The Pancake House has opened in recent months in the parking lot next to the Odeon VIP Theatre. A Montana’s opened in the IKEA parking lot.

A number of Winnipeggers though have been asking: Do we get something new that hasn’t been here before? The answer is yes.

The Canadian Brewhouse has opened in the old Los Chicos location at 1715 Kenaston Blvd. this past month. The Alberta-based sports bar and restaurant has never had a location in Manitoba before. A combination of burgers, wraps and pizza seems to be the winning formula for this grill.

Despite the fact that no Canadian hockey team is in the play-offs, Canadians still seem to want to go to sports bars and the Canadian Brewhouse is filled with TVs covering the games.

Let’s see if this is the restaurant to stick at that location in the Linden Ridge Mall.

This has been a guest editorial by John Dobbin.
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