Tricks to Beating Carnival Games at the Red River Ex
Image Super Display – Uploaded by Sunkmanitu

Here are some tips to beat some of those carnival games that seem impossible to win.

Our favourite Carnival Game continues to be the Birthday Game since it involves NO SKILL and has HUGE prizes. Simply place money on your favourite month and roll the dice, if the dice lands on your month – you win!

Remember, the goal in the long run is to have fun and share laughs with family and friends! Winning isn’t everything, and if you find yourself spending way too much money, take a break and enjoy some mini donuts!

Shoot out the Star:
In this skill game you need to completely remove the red star using a BB gun. Very hard to beat, even for a good marksman. The trick is to shoot around the star, rather than trying to shoot out the star itself.

Complete the circle and the centre of the paper will fall away taking the red star with it. Also note that the barrels are often bent, and their marks not accurate. Within the first few shots it’s important to gauge just how far off the mark the gun shoots and adjust your aim accordingly.

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