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Folklorama 2016: Chinese Pavilion

Folklorama 2016: Chinese Pavilion

Access Winnipeg has been out and about covering the two week festival of Folklorama. It is the largest cultural gathering in North America and a top tourist attraction.

Another year and always Folklorama delivers the goods with food and entertainment. This years first week concluded and I will put up various pictures. China presented a good show inside and outside their cultural centre on King Street downtown. Beautiful dancing and costumes as well as food are hallmarks of the show.

This year also featured Kung Fu performed for the audience.


Official Pavliion Information:

Dynasty Building | 2nd Floor, 180 King St.


The Chinese Pavilion is proud to be located in the landmark Dynasty Building, in Winnipeg’s own Chinatown. Our fascinating acrobatics and variety performances from Chengdu are not to be missed! Following each performance, you are invited into the beautiful outdoor gardens for a special lion dance. Taste popular and authentic cuisine and the famous Tsingtao beer. Experience our fascinating cultural display area that proudly showcases the famous Terra Cotta Warrior. Activities include Chinese calligraphy, a Chai Tea ceremony, and Chinese brush painting. Learn about interesting aspects of Chinese history. We can’t wait for you to join us!

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