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Folklorama 2016: Punjab Pavilion

Folklorama 2016: Punjab Pavilion

Access Winnipeg has been out and about covering the two week festival of Folklorama. It is the largest cultural gathering in North America and a top tourist attraction.

It has been three years since the Punjab Pavilion moved to their new home at the Punjab Cultural Centre on King Edward Route 90 and they continue to create a great show and atmosphere.

The Punjab pavilion also had an amazing selection of food and beers. Performances included martial arts with swords and shields.

Great costumes and dancing happened from beginning to end of the show.

There is enough room inside the cultural center to display Punjab life and the youth ambassadors know their material well.


Official Pavliion Information:

Punjab Cultural Centre | 1770 King Edward St.
Point Douglas/Inkster


Come visit our pavilion that showcases the unique culture, language and food of the Punjab region. Taste traditional Punjabi cuisine including saag (spinach), chana masala (chick peas), chicken masala curry with naan bread, kadhi (vegetarian curry made with yogurt) and pakora with rice. Try a Kingfisher or Cheetah beer or one of our imported spirits, including McDowell’s No. 1, Amrut, Old Monk and Old Port Rum. Visit our cultural display area to try on a turban. Or get a henna tattoo, and learn the bhangra and gidha dances.

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