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Folklorama 2016: United Kingdom Pavilion

Folklorama 2016: United Kingdom Pavilion

Access Winnipeg has been out and about covering the two week festival of Folklorama. It is the largest cultural gathering in North America and a top tourist attraction.

The UK pavilion delivers a dance opus to the four regions of the U.K.: England, Wales. Northern Ireland and Scotland. Great costumes, dancing and live music are what you can expect.

Food is always a must at UK pavilion so people should check out cottage pie and their beer.

The culture part allowed you to have pics taken with a Buckingham palace guard or with Harry Potter!


Official Pavliion Information:

Punjab Cultural Centre | 1770 King Edward St.
Point Douglas/Inkster


Visit the United Kingdom Pavilion for a taste of every day life in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Explore a typical UK street market and watch outdoor sheep herding demonstrations. Test your knowledge with a pre-show “pub quiz” and enjoy two highenergy, action-packed shows featuring internationally acclaimed Welsh recording artist Siân James and the “Gathering of the Clans”, their shows will be alternating throughout the night. Sample fine whiskies in our snug or indulge at our 007 Martini Bar. If high tea is more your style, you’ll love our traditional English tea room with fine china, delicate scones, and delicious sweets. Don’t forget to bring your appetite for a hearty pub style meal.

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