Winnipeg Transit Launches New Reloadable Smart Fare Card System
Image by daveberta

Winnipeg Transit calls it ‘peggo’. Its a system that uses reloadable fare cards and readers on all transit buses.

Riders will simply tap their card against the peggo card reader on the farebox, wait for the beep, and go. Fares are automatically subtracted from the card.

The system is now live for senior riders. All other riders will follow.

“Moving to the use of reusable plastic cards for transit will be more efficient for riders and drivers alike,” said Indigenous and Municipal Relations Minister Eileen Clark‎. ‎“Whether riders use electronic passes or load cash onto their cards, it will make it easier for people to choose to use Winnipeg Transit.”

There are two types of fares which can be loaded onto peggo cards:

  • e-passes: Think of it as an ‘All You Can Ride’ pass. It replace paper passes and are valid for an unlimited number of trips during a set number of consecutive days.
  • e-cash: Think of it as a pre-paid credit card dedicated for bus fare. It replaces paper tickets. Riders can load e-cash onto their peggo cards, which deducts e-cash fares from the card when it is tapped on the farebox. When paying using e-cash, a 75-minute transfer is automatically loaded onto the peggo card so paper transfers are no longer required.

A peggo card costs $5.00 – but for a limited time, you’ll receive a $5 e-cash rebate when you register your card online.

peggo cards can be purchased in person at any 7-Eleven or Shoppers Drug Mart store, online or over the phone.

Not into all this new technology? Than you can still pay cash for fares.