City of Winnipeg Releases 'Know Your Zone' App

The City of Winnipeg has released a “Know Your Zone” app that will provide Winnipeggers with easy access to up-to-date snow zone information when a Residential Parking Ban is called this winter.

The app uses your phones GPS capabilities and lets you access:

  • The designated snow zone letter of the alphabet associated with that location.
    • Color coded maps of snow zones when snow clearing is underway.
    • Red streets indicate residential streets currently being cleared of snow.
    • Amber streets indicate residential streets to be plowed in the next 12-hour shift.
  • Blue streets indicate streets designated as snow routes.
  • Residential snow clearing schedule.

The app also features push notifications that will automatically send you a message when a residential parking ban is declared for one of your addresses saved as a favourite.

For more information about the app visit