$179 for a Tandem Jump at Adventure Skydiving
Image by skydiveandes

Hear’s a great deal for all you daredevils out there!

For $179, you can get a Tandem Skydiving Jump from Adventure Skydiving.

During the tandem skydiving jump, divers strap into a harness with an experienced instructor before flying to an altitude of 7,500–9,000 feet (jumps over 9,000 feet are optional). Once ready, the team opens the door and jumps out of the plane, freefalling for up to 45 seconds at a terminal velocity of around 200 kilometres per hour.

The Winnipeg Skydiving Drop Zone address is:

Adventure Skydiving
289 Highway #12 North, Unit 4
Steinbach, Manitoba
R3N 0N9

Over the past 12 years, Adventure Skydiving’s aeronautical staff has taken more than 10,000 people on their first skydiving jump, inducing life-changing thrills on a daily basis. Tandem skydiving jumps take patrons of all experience levels on a partnered leap from a maximum height of 11,000 feet, reaching speeds of up to 230 kilometres per hour. Optional video footage documents hurtling leaps and the subsequent scenic drifts to the earth as skydivers release their canopies. Adventure Skydiving also holds courses to educate students in skydiving techniques such as properly exiting the aircraft, changing position in midair, and posing for avian paparazzi. [GROUPON]