All McDonald's in Canada Will Begin Offering All-Day Breakfast on February 21
Image by jeepersmedia

Beginning February 21, 2017, 1,100 out of the 1,450 McDonald’s locations in Canada will offer all-day breakfast!

Most locations in Winnipeg will offer all-day breakfast. The 350 locations that are not offering it were too small to upgrade.

The all-day breakfast offer in U.S. was a huge success. After a short test period in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and the Grant Park location in Winnipeg, they’ve decided to roll it out to 75% of its stores in Canada.

McDonald’s isn’t stopping there. Its currently conducting a small test in Florida to see if home delivery would be successful.

And with the new order kiosks, they put in the required process for a possible order-ahead system using their McDonald’s App.