The Canadian Goverment has introduced new rules for recreational drone users. Drone user will face a fine of up to $3,000 if you are caught flying:

  • Higher than 90 metres
  • Within 75 metres of buildings, vehicles, vessels, animals or people
  • More than 500 metres away from you
  • At night, in clouds or somewhere you can’t see it
  • Within nine kilometres of somewhere aircraft take off or land, or a forest fire
  • Without your name, address and phone number marked on the drone itself
  • Over forest fires, emergency response scenes or controlled airspace

Any drone weighing more than 250 grams must comply to the new rules.

Last month, the City of Winnipeg announced that it will delay its drone regulation plans and wait to see what Transport Canada comes up with. No news yet on whether or not the City will add additional rules for Winnipeg.

The 9km radius around the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport makes Assiniboine Park and The Forks a no-fly zone: