It might not look like it will get done by May 3rd of this Spring but a lot of work goes on every day at Seasons of Tuxedo and the factory outlet mall Outlet Collection. This past weekend the first of hundreds of new employees were hired for the stores.

In recent weeks Dairy Queen and Pronto Pizzeria have opened and IHOP, McDonald’s and Good Earth restaurants are all nearing completion for construction. There are 10 more restaurants yet to begin construction.

The retail market continues to be shaken up with openings and closures. It will prove challenging for other Kenaston malls to stay relevant but an increasing trend of adding housing within the selected area around retailing is a gamechanger in the industry.

The addition of luxury car retailers and a Hilton Hotel also means that Seasons of Tuxedo will be no ordinary development.

The countdown to opening continues.

This has been a guest editorial by John Dobbin.
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