Back-in, angled parking has arrived in Winnipeg. Watch this video to see what it’s all about.

Basic instructions:

  1. Find an open stall and signal to let others know you intend to park.
  2. Drive just past the stall and stop.
  3. Reverse into the space, using your side mirrors to view the lines.

Winnipeg’s first back-in, angled parking area will be located on Bannatyne Avenue between Rorie Street and Waterfront Drive. It aims to increase available on-street parking in the Exchange District. To accommodate the trial parking configuration, this section of Bannatyne Avenue will be converted to one-way in the westbound direction.

The angled parking on the south side of Bannatyne Avenue will increase the parking capacity by adding 10 additional back-in, angled stalls. For now, it will be a pilot project lasting approximately 8 months.