Sears Canada Liquidation Sales Will Start Friday, July 21
Image by jeepersmedia

An Ontario court has given the green light for Sears Canada stores to begin liquidation sales as early as Friday, July 21, 2017.

The sales can begin on Friday and run no later than October 12. Out of the list of the 59 Sears stores closing across Canada, only one Winnipeg Sears store made the list.

Expect to see liquidation sales at the Sears Outlet store in Garden City Shopping Centre as early as Friday.

Sears Canada filed for 30-day court protection from creditors while it tries to revamp its business. The court authorized Sears Canada to obtain up to $450 million in financing to maintain operations.

In return, Sears Canada will have to close 59 stores which includes all 10 of its Sears Outlet stores across Canada. Approximately 2,900 jobs will be lost.

Happy shopping!