Frankie's Italian Kitchen and Bar Coming to Winnipeg

Construction continues at breakneck speed at Seasons of Tuxedo. This week graders were flattening out towards Kenaston and Sterling Lyon at the corner of the Outlets of Seasons Mall and piles being put down for the new Porsche dealership. Also in the works right on the corner is a new restaurant which will be a fair size at 5,880 square feet and have a 1,700 square foot patio.

The restaurant will be Frankie’s Italian Kitchen and Bar which is a group out of Vancouver that has operated there for several years. This will be their third location after Chilliwack. In B.C., jazz and blues performances take place inside the restaurant and there is a strong association with the provincial jazz fests. It is unknown whether Winnipeg will feature live jazz performances at their location here.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served with evening meals ranging from $15 to $30 and dishes from pasta to paninis to pizza.

There are a number of other restaurants planned for the Seasons of Tuxedo site but the focus now seems to be one ones that extend further into the evening as a post movie or Cavalia type of entertainment. Expect to hear more announcements soon.

This has been a editorial by John Dobbin.
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