Build-A-Bear Workshop: Pay Your Age Day

On Thursday, July 12, 2018, visit Build-A-Bear Workshop for Pay Your Age Day!

At the first-ever Pay Your Age Day, kids can pay their age for any furry friend in the Workshop! How old you are is how much you pay. You must be a Bonus Club member to take advantage of the offer. If you’re not a Bonus Club member, it’s free to join.

Minimum price is $1 and maximum is $29.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do I need to bring a form of identification to verify my age?
    You do not need to present formal identification to participate in the offer. Tell a store associate how old you are on July 12, and you will be able to pay your current age for a furry friend.
  • Can I pay my child’s/children’s age for a furry friend I want to purchase?
    Yes – you may pay the age of any and all children who are with you in the store. This offer is valid for one furry friend per Guest who is present in the store on July 12, and who is accompanying a Bonus Club member or adult over the age of 18 who signs up to become a Bonus Club member.
  • Does my child need to sign up for Build-A-Bear Bonus Club if I want to pay his/her age?
    Guests must be 18 years old or older to sign up for Build-A-Bear Bonus Club; therefore, children under 18 are not required to sign up for Bonus Club. They need only accompany a Bonus Club member, or an adult over the age of 18 who signs up to become a Bonus Club member, in order to participate in the Pay Your Age Day event.
  • How many furry friends can I purchase with this offer?
    This offer is valid for one furry friend per Guest present in the store on July 12.
  • This offer seems too good to be true – are there any exclusions?
    Exact product assortment varies slightly by store location; however, this offer is valid on any Make-Your-Own furry friend that is in stock in the Workshop on July 12.
  • What if my age is higher than the price of the furry friend I want to purchase?
    On July 12 only, none of our U.S./Canada in-store Guests will be a day over 29 years old – meaning that no matter their age, Guests will pay no more than $29 USD / $29 CAD (plus tax) for any furry friend in stock in the store. A Guest who is 40 years old, for example, will only pay $29 for a furry friend valued at $35.
  • Can I pay less than $1 if my child is less than 1 year old?
    The minimum price for this offer is $1 CAD. A Guest may not pay less than this price for any furry friend, regardless of the Guest’s age or his/her child’s age.
  • I don’t live near a Build-A-Bear Workshop store. Can I still participate?
    We understand that not all of our Guests live within driving distance of our stores, and therefore, not all are able to celebrate with us in person. We will have future events that are offered online, but this special offer is only available in the Workshop.
  • Can I purchase a furry friend unstuffed and come back to stuff it later?
    Yes – U.S. and Canada Guests can pay their age for an unstuffed furry friend and come back to have the full Build-A-Bear Workshop experience at a later date. However, our Pokémon plush may not be purchased unstuffed.
  • I can’t make it in to a store on July 12 – can I come back and participate another day or obtain a voucher to use another day?
    The Build-A-Bear Workshop Pay Your Age Day offer is valid only on July 12, 2018. There are no vouchers available for this offer to be used at a later date.

We only have one Build-A-Bear Workshop in Winnipeg and its at CF Polo Park. Expect it to be very busy that day!