Second Popeyes Lousiana Chicken Location Opening in Winnipeg

A second Popeyes Lousiana Chicken location is opening at 3420 Portage Avenue.

Until recently, Hakim Optical called 3420 Portage Avenue home in the St. James area. Long before that it was a Wendy’s. In fact, it still looks like a Wendy’s in terms of the bricks and design and still has the drive-thru configuration.

Hakim went big when it entered the Winnipeg market and put locations in a variety of storefronts that seemed unlikely at first. In some cases they ended up being closed as the company opened better locations. In the case of Portage Avenue West, Hakim probably had interested buyers of their property, especially restaurants wanting drive-thrus.

Less than a year ago Popeyes Louisiana Chicken opened up in Seasons of Tuxedo courtesy of the group that owns Boston Pizza’s in Manitoba. The crowds continue to be enormous there. At the time there was a promise that more franchises were coming.

It’s very likely that this location will be quite successful for the restaurant operator as Portage Avenue remains one of the biggest commercial streets in the city. Look to see the restaurant open up in the summer sometime.

This has been a guest editorial by John Dobbin.
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