2019 Le Burger Week Winnipeg Winners

The winners of the 2019 edition of Le Burger Week Winnipeg have been announced!


Brazen Hall Kitchen & Brewery

Grand Pinoy Keso

Celebrating the BIG flavours of our FILIPINO community. Start with our classic Brazen beef patty, add ADOBO cream cheese, Crispy Chicharonnes, gooey edam cheese, our own house made secret bacon ketchup, mango aioli and fresh greens all on a soft toasted scallion bun. Don’t forget the SAWSAWAN for dipping….out of this world! (beef patty can be subbed with our fantastic house made veggie patty or grilled chicken breast)


First Runner Up

Jonesy’s Restaurant + Lounge

The Ketonator

Juicy beef burger with pepper jack cheese, 2 strips of bacon, Cajun mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles on a carb free bun! Served with a side Caesar salad (no croutons) or our homemade fries (non keto). You won’t believe it’s low carb!


Second Runner Up

King + Bannatyne

The King Mac

All-Beef house-made patty, BBQ braised beef, King + Bann Special Sauce, shredded iceberg lettuce, creamy Bothwell Old Cheddar sauce, sweet + sour Pickles, diced white onion on a sesame seed egg Bun.


Third Runner Up

Andy Donut Double Bacon Cheeseburger & Cinna-Chips

Randy Savage

THE DOUBLE ANDY DONUT BACON CHEDDAR BURGER! Dedicated to the life of our recently departed Chef Andy Arjoon and his ever growing creativity! He was one of Winnipeg’s most talented chefs! It is the most incredible treat… ever!! The sweet and salty mix is just… sooo gooood… you gotta try this at least once! The combo of sweet and salty is out of this world! Made with local made glazed donuts, 2 fresh angus beef patties, cheddar & thick cut bacon! Served with our award winning cinna-chips! One dollar of every Double Andy Donut Burger sold goes to United Way during Burger Week!!!


Fourth Runner Up

Frenchway Cafe & Bakery

Honey Dillionaire

Look ! If you had one craving or one opportunity to devour every chicken finger you ever wanted in one burger. Would you order it? or just let it slip…