They’re calling it the 2019 version of BIRD BOX.

FRACTURED, a Netflix Original Movie that was filmed in Southern Manitoba, is sending social media on a frenzy. It’s a psychological thriller that will keep you guessing till the very end.

Filming took place from November 2018 to January 2019. Locations include:

  • Provincial Road 305, east of Ste. Agathe
  • Selkirk, MB
  • Matlock, MB
  • Winnipeg, MB (Filming Studio)

The movie was shot entirely in Manitoba with most of the filming in Selkirk.

Official Synopsis:
Ray Monroe (Sam Worthington), and his wife Joanne (Lily Rabe) rush their daughter to the emergency room of a nearby hospital after she is hurt in an accident. After being sent away for further testing, his wife and daughter vanish and all records of their visit disappear. Ray’s concern turns into a desperate race to find his family and discover the truth of what happened to them.

You can watch it now at (Netflix account required)