PHOTO: Justin Trudeau Buying Local Doughnuts in Winnipeg

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in Winnipeg this week for a Cabinet retreat.

Here he is picking up some Oh Doughnuts for a full day of Cabinet meetings. Oh Doughnuts is a locally owned doughnut shop with locations at 326 Broadway and 1194 Taylor Ave.

The photo sparked some outrage with Twitter users complaining that the Prime Minister could have bought doughnuts from Tim Hortons for a lot cheaper, saving tax payer dollars.

Oh Doughnuts responded with: “Tim’s isn’t Canadian owned. We are locally owned; employ 30+ staff who enjoy breaks and have the option of joining a benefit plan; we use local butter, eggs and flour; our doughnuts are made fresh daily; we do our best to pay a living wage & never pay minimum wage”

We agree 100% with Oh Doughnuts. Though their prices are up there, the doughnuts are amazing and support the local economy. The Everything Bagel doughnut is one of our favourites!