CF Polo Park Looking to Revamp South and West Parking Lots
Image by Shindico

Shindico and Cadillac Fairview has released images of their plans for the area surrounding CF Polo Park mall.

The main focus will be the south (SportChek entrance) and west (ScotiaBank entrance) parking lots. The plan is to build various residences on the site.

However, residential development currently isn’t allowed due to the areas proximity to the airport. New residential development has been barred from the area to limit noise complaints from the 24-hour operations of the airport.

Shindico and Cadillac Fairview, who co-own the property, want to change the designation so they can continue with their plan to build various multi-family buildings.

On March 3, 2020, City councilors voted in favour of amending the rules to bring CF Polo Park one step closer to seeing its plans come to life.

Here’s what the area could look like once complete: