Thoughts on New Empress Bike Path

When the Winnipeg Blue Bombers moved to the University of Manitoba campus, the city promised that the sale of the both arena and stadium land would lead to road improvements with the new cash.

Well, it didn’t quite work out that way for the land sale. However, the cash has come regardless because after years of heavy use from retail and recreation, St. James, Empress and several cross streets were in rough shape.

St. James has been improved for a long stretch and they continue improvements around Sargent where the Superstore is. Empress has been worked on from the overpass to Ellice or so. As the soil indicates, they are doing landscaping as well as a sidewalk and cycling path.

What’s coming is wide, beside the creek, and on a path that has been used for decades by citizens even though it was never officially a path. It will be lined with ornamental lamps and if Polo Park is developed for residential use, this pathway will prove prescient.

Empty or underutilized parking lots help no one. Polo Park has used more of their parking space for restaurants and retail but I don’t think anyone can disagree that the online world is changing eating and shopping habits.

The new path will be welcomed by the community once its complete.

This has been a editorial by John Dobbin.
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