See Any Movie at Cineplex for Half the Scene Points Until September 22
Image scene card – Uploaded by kristine ngo

Nights at the movies are back! If you’ve got a lot of SCENE points stacked up then you’ll want to check out this great deal! Until September 22, 2010, see any movie at Cineplex for only half the SCENE points!

This deal also works with premium seats such as 3D, VIP, etc…

  • Regular ticket – 625 SCENE points (regularly 1250 points)
  • 3D, Prime Seats, UltraAVX, D-BOX or IMAX ticket – 1000 SCENE points (regularly 2000 points)
  • VIP or 4DX ticket – 1250 SCENE points (regularly 2500 points)

Discount is automatically applied for all showtimes until September 22, 2020.