Costco Winnipeg Offering Curbside Pickup for Electronics During Code Red Restrictions
Image by ethenelin

Christmas shopping has been very difficult in Winnipeg this year. Retailers are only allowed to sell essential items, and the surge in online deliveries make it difficult guarantee delivery before December 25.

Curbside pickup has been your best option if you want to guarantee an item before Christmas.

During normal times, Costco only offers two methods of shopping: in-store, or online for delivery. With COVID-19, retailers have shown that they need to have the ability to adapt, which is why Costco Winnipeg is now offering curbside pickup for certain non-essential items.

Before you rush to Costco, please note that the service is only available for electronics that are currently on their flyer and can’t currently be purchased in-store (such as TVs, iPads, etc etc)

HOW IT WORKS: You’ll have to head to Costco and visit a special kiosk for curbside pickup orders. From there, you’ll be able to select your items, and pay for it directly at the kiosk. Your items will then be brought to you outside the store.

Since this is a fairly new process, be prepared for some kinks in the system. Your best bet is to call Costco to make sure the item you’re looking for is available via curbside pickup.

Costco Winnipeg Phone Numbers:

  • Costco St James St – (204) 788-4415
  • Costco McGillivray Blvd – (204) 487-5100
  • Costco Regent – (204) 654-4214

Stay safe Winnipeg!