No. 2 “Creative Accounting”

After being injured in a crash, the woman eventually returned to her job on a part-time basis ─ unable to work fulltime due to lifting and other physical demands. However, she was entitled to receive MPI’s Income Replacement Indemnity (IRI) entitlement which was calculated specifically from submitted income tax documentation.

As time passed, an MPI IRI calculator noticed an irregularity in a letter and email allegedly coming from an accounting firm, which the woman had submitted. After a conversation with the accounting firm it was confirmed both the email and letter were fabricated and false. Investigators then did an extensive review and discovered numerous anomalies relating to the woman’s income tax information. It was noted that many of the documents appeared to have been deliberately edited and included entries that were misaligned, entries in varying sized fonts, incomplete and incorrect field entries, wrong totals, and in two different years she reported the exact same income to the cent.

With all this information, the woman’s benefits were terminated resulting in an estimated savings to MPI and its customers of nearly $800,000: a figure based on future payouts. MPI is also seeking to recover $100,000.

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