CFRW 1290 AM, Winnipeg’s TSN sports talk radio station, is no more.

After cutting over 200 jobs in the Toronto area, Bell Media also axed three TSN radio stains: Vancouver, Winnipeg and Hamilton.

1290 will transition to a “Funny format” station made up of stand-up comedy content which has been successful in Hamilton and Calgary.

We want to thank our on-air personalities, advertising partners and sponsors, and everyone who has contributed to this station. But especially we want to thank our listeners. Our work here at TSN 1290 was driven by our passion to bring you the very best sports, news and discussion. We sincerely appreciate the time you have spent with us.

The statement reads: It was a difficult decision, but the realities of the quickly evolving broadcast media landscape in Canada have made this change unavoidable.

TSN 1290 had lost the radio rights to Winnipeg Jets games this season… the closure ends a 10 year run.