Not even a pandemic can stop us! For the 22nd year in a row, Winnipeg has been crowned the Slurpee Capital of the World.

7-Eleven Canada will be changing its 7-Eleven Day (July 11) plans due to COVID-19 restrictions. The celebrations will take place throughout all of July!

From July 1 – 31, 2021, 7-Eleven app members will receive TWO $1 MEDIUM Slurpee coupons and also earn 711 bonus points with select food and beverages.

They are also launching their new 7Now delivery app! First-time customer orders receive a free medium Slurpee and free delivery on their first 3 orders with 7Now.

Visit for more information.

Slurpee’s have been such a big part of Manitoba’s culture that last year, the City of Winnipeg designated a street with the honourary name of Slurpee Way.

Manitoba: Slurpee Capital of the World

According to 7-Eleven market manager, Amrit Goraya, when you are not from Manitoba you may find some of these “normal occurrences” unusual… when you live in Manitoba, you don’t even notice:

  • Slurpee is the number one beverage served to women in Winnipeg’s maternity wards in the summer time
  • Instead of giving flowers, people meet and greet friends and family at the airport by giving them Slurpee drinks
  • When it’s -40 degrees Celsius outside, people are seen waiting for the bus, biking and skating with a Slurpee in hand
  • Slurpee is the choice drink for fans watching outdoor football games when it’s -20 degrees Celsius
  • Slurpee is often served at summer weddings
  • People consume Slurpee drinks for breakfast year round
  • As of July 2013, Winnipeg plays host to one of the top three Slurpee stores: Airdrie, Alberta, snatching the #1 spot; Portage Avenue in Winnipeg (#2); Devonshire Drive North, Regina (#3)