Halloween will look very different this year because of the pandemic. In addition to respecting Public Health recommendations, this City is reminding parents, children, and drivers of additional measures they can take to help keep everyone safe.


Consider costumes that are bright and include reflective elements so they can be seen easier. A proper fitting costume can also help reduce the risk of a child tripping and falling. Make sure the costume doesn’t obscure the child’s vision.

Stay aware from open flames, such as candles. In the event the costume catches fire, make sure to stop, drop, and roll.


When carving pumpkins with children, you should avoid using sharp knives and make sure there is adult supervision. When you are ready to get rid of your pumpkins, they can be put in your curbside yard waste for collection.

Reduce your fire risk by using a flashlight, glow stick, or battery-operated candle in place of one with a flame. If you are using a real candle, keep the pumpkin away from where the trick-or-treaters will be and away from anything that could catch fire, including other decorations.

Decorations should not block exits, sidewalks, or stairs.


If you are choosing to go out trick-or-treating this year, try to go while it is still light out. Bring a flashlight or glow sticks to be seen easier.

Younger children should always be accompanied by an adult. For older children, make sure to discuss what route they will be taking. Don’t take short cuts and never enter a stranger’s home.

Always look both ways before crossing the street and never cross between parked cars or in the middle of a block. Stick to the sidewalks, but if there are no sidewalks, make sure to walk facing traffic. Make sure any pets are secured on a leash.

Road safety

Drivers should be extra cautious while on the roads on Halloween and reduce your speed. Children will be excited and may dart out into the road. Make sure to be aware of your surroundings and avoid distractions that would take your eyes off the road.

Make sure your headlights and signal lights are all in working order and in use. Consider lowering the volume on the radio or music playing to hear your surroundings more clearly.


Before children eat any candy, the treats should be looked at by an adult. Do not eat any candy that looks like it may have been tampered with, or looks unusual. Do not eat candy while running, playing, or talking to avoid choking.

Handmade treats should be avoided. Children with allergies should take extra care and only consume items that have all the ingredients listed.

If you are looking to give something out other than candy as a gift, consider giving a Recreation Gift Card, which can be used for a variety of activities.

They start at $5 and can be purchased at select aquatic and recreation facilities.