Here are the Costco Winnipeg Executive Membership coupon deals for May 2 – 15, 2022. These deals are only available for 2 weeks.

What is an Executive Membership? An Executive Gold Star Membership is different from a regular Costco Membership Card. Executive Members receive a 2% Reward (up to $1,000) on most Costco purchases, as well as additional values on member services, such as: life and health insurance plans, residential telecommunications and credit card processing.

What are Executive Membership Coupons? These are exclusive deals that are periodically made available to Executive Members. You must have an active Executive membership to get the deals.

How much does an Executive Membership cost? A regular Costco membership will cost you $60. An Executive membership is $120.

Can I upgrade my existing membership? Yes, talk to a cashier at Costco to upgrade your membership so you can purchase any of the deals below.