New rules for Winnipeg pet owners will be coming into effect July 1, 2022. The new rules focuses on dog and cat breeding, and dog daycares.


  • Owners are also prohibited from leaving their pets unattended in vehicles when it is 22 degrees Celsius or warmer, or minus 10 degrees Celsius or colder. The rule does not apply to running vehicles with working air conditioning or heating systems
  • Owners are also prohibited from cycling with your dog in temperatures 22 degrees Celsius or higher to prevent heat exhaustion and burnt paw pads
  • Owners are also prohibited from chaining or housing dogs outside for extended periods, and dogs need to be supervised when they are outside


  • Separate play areas must be used for small and large dogs, with a minimum of 20 sq. ft. per dog in small dog areas, and 35 sq. ft. per dog for large dog areas
  • Dog groups must have at least one staff member for every 25 small dogs, and one staff member for every 20 large dogs


  • Dog and cat owners now require a breeding permit from the city
  • The permit places several requirements on breeders, including active veterinarian care, a history of responsible pet ownership and an initial inspection of the breeding property
  • Each female dog or cat is limited to one litter per year and no more than four litters over their life

Click here to view the full BY-LAW NO. 92/2013.