Beginning July 23, 2022, the maximum amount of time a vehicle can be parked on a Winnipeg street will decrease from 21 days to 10 days.

Also, any vehicle considered inoperable – meaning it’s wrecked or dismantled, has a flat tire, or otherwise can’t be driven – are prohibited from being parked on city streets.

“Limiting the number of days that a vehicle can remain parked on a street helps to increase parking availability by ensuring on-street spaces are accessible for use by residents and visitors,” said Lisa Vermette, Winnipeg Parking Authority’s Acting Manager of Regulation and Compliance.

There are also additional changes on how long a derelict vehicle can be stored outside on private property. Previously, a vehicle could only be declared derelict if it had been stored or parked outdoors on your property for over a month. As of June 23, 2022, vehicles that meet the definition of derelict (not in operating condition, rusted, wrecked or dismantled, with no insurance, registration, or valid license plate) must now be stored completely inside of a building (such as a garage) when not actively in use.

To report an abandoned vehicle on Winnipeg streets or derelict vehicles on private property, you can contact 311.