If you purchased an optical disc drive (computer, laptop, video game console, CD player, DVD player, Blu-Ray player, etc) product in Canada anytime between 2004 – 2010, you can claim $20 or more as part of a price-fixing class action lawsuit.

The $29.7 million settlement will be paid out by BenQ, Hitachi-LG, NEC, Panasonic, Phillips, Pioneer, Quanta, Sony, TEAC, and Toshiba Samsung for conspiring to fix the prices for Optical Disc Drives, with the intention of raising prices of products in Canada.

You can do a pre-approved $20 claim without having to provide any proof of purchase or documents. To claim over $20, you will need to show proof of purchase for products between 2004 and 2010 (but who has those?!?)

Click here to begin your claim. The $20 will arrive via e-Transfer or cheque. You have until November 14, 2022 to submit a claim.