You Can Now Request Special Lighting Colors for Esplanade Riel and the WINNIPEG Sign

The City is now accepting special request for lighting of the Esplanade Riel and WINNIPEG sign.

Esplanade Riel and the Winnipeg sign are both signature pieces with specialty lighting that can be lit by request. Esplanade Riel also has a 10-minute light show every hour, on the hour, from sunset until midnight. The last show runs from midnight until 12:10am.

The lighting calendar is proactively filled to recognize large-scale public events, significant dates, and cultural celebrations.

Here are a few examples:

  • December 3 International Day of Persons with Disabilities (Purple)
  • December 16 Victory Day of Bangladesh (Green & Red)
  • December 18 Hanukkah (Blue & White)
  • December 25 Christmas (Red & Green)
  • December 31 New Year’s Eve (White sparkle)

If there is no special request for a date, Esplanade Riel and the Winnipeg sign will be lit in a variety of colours.

How To Make a Request

The specialty lighting is highly visible and a reflection of the entire City. Requests should reflect, celebrate, and build community spirit.

Applications must be submitted by not-for-profit organizations or must be community-oriented and support:

  • An event or cause of national or international significance,
  • A local festival or event that positively impacts local community spirit, or
  • A local, national or international awareness issue that builds community.

Requests that do not merit public support, have a significant risk of polarizing the community, or are mainly personal, private, political, or commercial in nature will not be accepted.

City functions or large-scale public events may take priority over other requests. If there is an emergent event, any pre-programmed specialty lighting request may be pre-empted.

Applications must be submitted using the online form a minimum of three weeks before the requested lighting date. They are considered on a case-by-case, first come, first served basis.

Visit to make a request.