One of the fastest growing Canadian franchises, D Spot Dessert Café, is coming to Seasons of Tuxedo.

Founded in 2014, it will be Manitoba’s first location and another example how the Seasons development is still finding unique offerings over CF Polo Park. It has been non-stop construction around the area.

As the name suggests, the specialty is desserts. Milkshakes galore, hot chocolate and every dessert in between. However, there are burgers, pizzas and poutines as well on the menu.

It is almost directly across the Rec Room and the Hilton. And with hundreds of apartments, condos and assisted living homes in the area, D Spot Dessert Café is just a walk away. The Red River Co-Op Grocery anchors the far end of the parking lot. A Bank of Montreal is going up as well which will give residents even more reason to stay in the area to do their banking, insurance, their vet, their medical clinic and shopping.

For those critical of this development, it is useful to remember that this was the Tuxedo Yards, the rail and depot for containers and trucks. Once the yards reconciled to Symington, they could have remained industrial or sat fallow not earning taxes. This entire area was never going to be just a vast parking lot with IKEA in it. There are hundreds and hundreds of multi-unit houses going up and a bus loop is located in the area. This is what CF Polo Park wishes to become with the residential component located next to retail and restaurants.

It’s for this reason that D Spot Dessert Café is likely to meet more success at Seasons than CF Polo Park to begin with. More and more people actually live steps away. As for IKEA, it attracts people from three provinces and they are looking for foods in the immediate area.

Expect to see a splash for D Spot when it officially opens.

This has been a guest editorial by John Dobbin.
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