Celebrations Dinner Theatre located at 1824 Pembina Hwy has permanently closed its doors.

A statement on its website reads:

We are extremely sad and disappointed to announce that Celebrations Dinner Theatre in Winnipeg, Manitoba has closed its doors permanently. Faced with the huge cost of inflation on many fronts including the ever-increasing cost of goods of every kind, increased cost of wages, rising interest rates, and left-over debt from a global pandemic, we have decided that we are no longer able to operate at a profitable level.

Celebrations Dinner Theatre is a small, family run, business and we’ve always done our very best to compete with market forces that made the notion of a live, for-profit theatre company an elusive one. For 25 years my family, along with another former operating partner (whom we have been in contact with) have fought to see that Celebrations Dinner Theatre survived through multiple recessions, a global financial crisis and of course most recently a global pandemic that wiped out a large portion of the entertainment and hospitality sector. For the entirety of this time span profits remained small and infrequent, with as many years ending in a loss as those that ended in a meager profit. All the while we thought that someday perhaps we could build the client base to the point where the profits would become more worthwhile and more consistent. We have now reached the conclusion that this is never likely to be the case.

Many great relationships have been cultivated throughout our twenty-five plus years in operation making this decision all the more difficult, but in the final analysis we see no other viable road forward that would lead to having a profitable dinner theatre business in this market.

All guests that currently have paid tickets booked with us will receive a full refund. It will take some time to get through the entire list, but rest assured that we will get to all of them.

To all the guests that have joined us throughout these many years, we thank you for your patronage and wish you all the best.

Anyone with a paid ticket for a future show will receive a full refund.