Jail broken iPhone at the apple store Grand Rapids, Mi Originally uploaded by bjosefowicz

Heading to Minneapolis this long weekend or have a friend in the US? Then nows your chance to own one of the most talked about phones in the world.

AT&T is now clearing out its refurbished 8GB iPhones for $249!! Thats an amazing price with no contract to sign, just jump into the store and purchase just like you were buying a bottle of coke (coca-cola) Rumor has it that they are making way for the 3G iPhones that were promised for 2008.

Of course the phone will be locked to AT&T but there are various guides online that will help you unlock the phone so it has full functionality on the Rogers and Fido networks (GSM only, sorry Telus fans)

I personally have been an iPhone owner for almost a year now and love it to death. Not a big Apple fanboy… but its one cool toy to have. And at the $249 price, being cheaper than most CONTRACT priced phones on Rogers and Fido – what more can you ask for?

Be warned though, refurbs are for a limited time only, so you might want to call an AT&T store in Minneapolis for one before you head out. You can also purchase these online but they MUST be shipped to a US address – they will not ship to Canada period.

The website says you HAVE to sign for a contract, but in fact, you can complete the whole sale without signing a 2-year contract.

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