Ad Trucks Have Tree Huggers On Alert Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

I saw these add trucks around and I never really wondered what they were carrying. I just thought that they were driving around for the whole day just to show off an advertisement. A lot of people thought so too apparently and began to worry about the amount of pollution these things dish out just for the sake of spreading an ad. Which is understandable

The ad trucks in Manitoba are actually big contributers to non profit groups. By that, they actually run courier for Winnipeg Harvest, The Food Bank and the Salvation Army. All this while using bio-diesel for fuel. Now, maybe I’m being too progressive about this, but let’s say they weren’t selling ad space on the side of the trucks but still burning the same amount of fuel as a courier, would the people be raising a stink?

Vancouver has already began acting to stop ad trucks and the like .