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Last year Filipinos had the number 1 immigration rate in Winnipeg – and you can bet all their eyes were on Manny Pacquaio last night as he boxed his way to another championship.

Their first fight four years ago led to a draw and huge controversy . Last nights rematch was just as epic with dripping blood and the heart of each boxers country shining through their eyes. But Manny Pacquaio is just in another level of boxing right now and still remains unstoppable by any other boxer in the junior lightweight class.

The scoring was as follows:

  • Judge Duane Ford had it 115-112 for Pacquiao
  • Tom Miller had it 114-113 for Pacquiao
  • Jerry Roth had it 115-112 for Marquez

Pacquiao wins by 1 point. in a split decision. An intense battle indeed!

This is the 4th Mexican in a row Pacquaio has won against. Tip for all you Filipinos out there – if your planning a spring break in Cancun, don’t wear a Philippines shirt :)