Bus Lane Camera Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

Winnipeg will be installing its first “Bus Lane Camera” on the corner of Osborne Street and Mostyn Place.

If your not familiar with what a “Bus Lane” or “Bike Lane” is, they are lanes with white diamonds on them that are meant for buses and bikers only.

When a motorist is seen in a bus lane, the camera will take a picture of your license plate. The cool part? Since this is a privately owned company, you dont get ticketed, you simply get a letter in the mail with a slap on the wrist saying “you broke the law – feel guilty now!”

The city hopes to clear the clogged traffic that is building up in our bus lanes. Osborne intersection will be the only one installed for now as a trail run. If the response is good, we should expect to see more in busier intersections.