Beer Bong Originally uploaded by Chris Breeze

Minhas Creek Brewing, a local Winnipeg beer company located at 925 Logan Ave. is going luxury!

Known for making their ‘cheap’ canned beers such as Minhas Creek Classic Lager, they have now released a new ‘premium’ line of beer that is bottled and not canned.

The new line of beers are Lazy Mutt Farm House Ale and Rani Indian Lager – they come in 8s and 12s. Minhas is also keeping the ladies in mind with a new line of coolers, Corsairs Mojito, Corsairs Orange Squeeze and Velvet Ice which are available in 4 packs.

Minhas hope to join the luxury line of beer and plan to differentiate its budget-beers and luxury-beers by a new clear bottle with the company emblem engraved into it.

The full lineup of Minhas’ new beers and coolers are available now.