Hot103 Banff Ski Trip Contest That I Shouldn’t Be Telling You About Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

I want to win. I don’t play to lose. Sharing this contest with more people will obviously lower my chances of being chosen. Still, I chose to share this. This is a test of faith, of which I will surely be rewarded. My selflessness will grant me the very thing of which I was trying to share.. the kind of happiness that can only be attained at the peaks of Sunshine Village and Lake Louise.

I recently returned from a trip to Banff actually. Ripping (and tumbling) down the mountain strapped to a snowboard set off a deep fire in my loins… and quads and other parts of my legs. Aside for a roommate’s foot odor and his extreme under packing (this kid brought one t-shirt on a 4 day snowboard trip), it was an event I wanted to relive again. This time, with my lift passes and accommodations paid for by someone else!

Reluctantly posted, you may click here for more information and enter yourselves.