Semi-Pro Was Semtextic! Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

Semtex is a plastic explosive. I was trying to take this in the direction of saying the movie was great.. almost explosive-like. It was a play off of the “Sem” in the title. Terrible pun.. or terribly punny? Enough of that. This isn’t an official review so don’t expect the standard review format. Instead, I want you to expect the unexpected. Max Sliding.

The comedy is as subsisting in Semi-Pro as it is in all of Will’s flicks. I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t like Will Ferrel’s movies. The comedy is actually stepped up a notch with the use of profanity. Tastefully done and not as offensive as some might assume. As for it’s actual story, I guess it’s fair. Underdog basketball team trying anything and everything to realize their dreams, against all odds, with hope and tenacity to see them through.

Get ready to replace your Anchorman and Blades of Glory quotes. Your friends will love you.