Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim 2007 – #4 Originally uploaded by jon_lin

So roll up the rim has been back for a couple weeks now.. and im 0 for 13!!!! I remember a time back in 2006 where every second cup was a winner! Has Tims’ cut down on the amount of prizes they’re giving away?

Current Prize Listing as of today:

  • 2009 Toyota Matrix (20 of 35 have been won)
  • Bowrider Boats (27 of 100 have been won)
  • Garmin Nav Systems (242 of 5000 have been won)
  • $50 Tim’s Gift Cards (282 of 20,000 have been won)
  • Food Prizes (6,762,000 of 31,000,000 have been won)

Anyone else find these prizes to be cheap this year? No TV? And a boat? How many people actually have use for a boat these days? Approximate value of 100 Bayliner Bowrider Boats is $1 Million – that’s equivalent to 500 plasma TV’s and an additional 400 happy winners that are not just gonna sell their prize on eBay.

Whats your Roll Up The Rim To Lose story?