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With World Of Wheels opening up shop at the Winnipeg Convention Center this Friday through Sunday, showing off one of the featured cars would only make sense. Here’s a local entry I’m sure alot of enthusiasts in Winnipeg are pretty familiar with.

Shaun C.‘s two-tone Impreza RS has actually been stuffed with the guts of a WRX STi. With several face lifts and modifications over the years (ahh.. the life of a tuner), you can see her in her most current form at this year’s World of Wheels. A list of past awards and sponsors after the break. (click read more!)

1st place hottest wild subaru, Hot Import Nights Minneapolis 2007
2nd place subaru Tintmasters Perfect 10 2007
1st place subaru Tintmasters Perfect 10 2006
BF Goodrich Best Performance Sport Compact Nights 2006
2nd Place Subaru Sport Compact Nights 2006

2008 Sponsors:
– Group A Performance (
– Tintmasters Motorsport (
– Redlinegoods (
– Paint by Rob F @ Roughneck Motorsports
– Decals by Mike G @ HPA

Check out World of Wheels, March 28-30 2008 at the Winnipeg Convention Center.